Typically, images and videos received on WhatsApp will download normally when you tap on them. Yet, many users are facing the issue where tapping a media file throws you an error that says, “download failed”, “download was unable to complete,” “please try again later,” and similar. If you are unable to download images and videos from WhatsApp, the following fixes will help you solve the media download issue on WhatsApp.

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1. Manually Download Photos and Videos (WhatsApp Web)

If you’re using WhatsApp Web (the desktop version of WhatsApp which was recently updated to not even require your smartphone nearby each time you sign in), then it has its own host of problems and fixes.

Whatsapp Not Downloading Photos Video Download 1

But before we move onto those, you should know that unlike the phone version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web doesn’t automatically download photos and videos. You’ll need to do this manually by clicking a given image or video then clicking the Download icon at the top right corner.

If you’ve tried that but are still having problems with WhatsApp Web, then try the following tips.

2. Clear Browser Data (WhatsApp Web)

If WhatsApp Web is failing to download photos and videos (or is otherwise not working properly), then you should try clearing your browser cache and cookies to give it a clean slate.

To do this in Chrome, click the three-dotted menu icon at the top right -> History -> Clear browsing data, then check the second and third boxes and click “Clear data.”

Whatsapp Not Downloading Photos Video Clear Data Browser

In Edge, click the menu icon at the top right corner -> Settings -> Privacy, search and services, then “Choose what to clear” next to “Clear browsing data now”.

Whatsapp Not Downloading Photos Video Clear Data

On the next screen, check the “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data” boxes then click “Clear now.”

3. Sign Out and Back In Again (WhatsApp Web)

WhatsApp Web doesn’t have a great reputation for stability, and while its major recent updates have brought some welcome improvements they have also made the browser version of WhatsApp a bit unreliable.

A great quick fix for many a WhatsApp Web problem is to log out then back in again. Simply click the three-dotted menu icon above your chats list in WhatsApp Web, then click “Log out”. After that, log back in again and the problem may have gone away.

Whatsapp Not Downloading Photos Video Log Out

The rest of this tips will focus on the mobile versions of WhatsApp, but note that some of the fixes may apply to WhatsApp Web too, so don’t stop reading!

4. Restart Phone

The first step you should always perform when you are troubleshooting an app or device is to restart it. Likewise, with the WhatsApp images and videos not downloading issue, restart your Android phone or iPhone. Sometimes just restarting the phone will fix the media not downloading issue on WhatsApp.

5. Check WhatsApp Server for Issues

At times, the problem could be with WhatsApp itself. It has happened several times where people are unable to send messages, download images, and similar. To verify whether WhatsApp is down or not, you can use third-party tools like Outage.Report or DownDetector. Open one of the websites, and the tool will tell you whether WhatsApp servers are working properly or not.

6. Set the Right Date and Time

Having the correct date and time on your phone is important for WhatsApp to sync to its servers, otherwise you won’t be able to download images or videos, as mentioned on the official WhatsApp support page.

To set the correct date and time on Android, go to “Settings -> System (General Management) -> Date and time.” Enable the toggle for “Use network-provided time (or automatic time).”

Whatsapp Android Set Time

On iPhone, go to “Settings -> General -> Date & Time.” Enable the toggle for “Set Automatically.”

Whatsapp Iphone Set Time

7. Audit Internet Problems

Many times, users are unable to download media files on WhatsApp due to an issue with their Internet connection. These troubleshooting tips should help with the issue:

  • If you are using WhatsApp on Wi-Fi, start by restarting your router.
  • Next, try opening a website on your phone. If the website doesn’t load or images do not load properly, your Wi-Fi connection may be down.
  • You can also try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to identify whether the Internet connection is causing the issue.
  • Make sure you have enough data balance.
  • Try turning Airplane mode on and off on your device for a while.
  • For Wi-Fi networks, try to forget the Wi-Fi, then connect to it again.
  • If possible, try to connect to a different Wi-Fi connection or router.
  • You can also try changing the DNS server for your router. If you are on Android, find out how to use Google DNS or OpenDNS.
  • Disable the metered Wi-Fi connection on Android.
  • Enable data roaming on your phone if you are not in your home state.

8. Check Mobile Data Settings (iPhone)

For many WhatsApp users, the images and videos not downloading issue happens only with mobile data. To fix that on iPhone, go to “Settings -> WhatsApp.” Enable the toggle next to “Mobile Data.”

Whatsapp Allow On Mobile Data

9. Check Network for Problems

You should be using the fastest, correct network for the proper functioning of WhatsApp.

To check your network on Android, go to “Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> Network Selection.” Choose Automatic.

On iPhone, open “Settings -> Mobile Data -> Network Selection.” Enable the toggle for Automatic. Also, try the solutions for mobile data not working on Android and iPhone.

10. Allow WhatsApp to Access Photos

WhatsApp requires storage permission on both Android and iPhone to download media files. If WhatsApp doesn’t have the required permission, you will face issues while using it. To grant storage permission on Android, go to “Settings -> Apps -> WhatsApp -> Permissions.” Tap on “Storage (Files and media)” and choose “Allow.”

Whatsapp Android Permission Storage

On iPhone, go to “Settings -> WhatsApp -> Photos.” Choose “All Photos.”

11. Check Media Auto-Download Settings

If there are problems with WhatsApp not automatically downloading images and videos on your phone, you should take a look at the media auto-download settings in WhatsApp.

For that, go to “WhatsApp Settings -> Storage.” Here you will find a Media auto-download section. Tap on the options under it and allow the type of media files that should download automatically when connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi, depending on your needs.

Whatsapp Media Auto Download Enable

12. Turn Off Data Saver Modes

Both Android and iPhone come with data-saving modes. If media isn’t auto-downloading on your phone, try disabling these modes.

For Android, go to “Settings -> Network & Internet -> Data Saver.” Turn it off.

On iPhone, go to “Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options.” Turn off the toggle next to “Low Data Mode.”

13. Check Available Storage

Your phone should have sufficient storage to be able to download media files from WhatsApp. If the phone doesn’t have enough storage, files won’t be able to download.

To check the available storage on Android, go to “Settings -> Storage.”

On iPhone, go to “Settings -> General -> iPhone storage.” Delete unnecessary apps and files to restore space. If you still need more space, learn other ways to free up space on Android and iPhone.

14. Unmount SD Card

If you are using a memory card on your Android phone, often that is responsible for causing media download issues in WhatsApp. To fix it, you will need to either remove the card or unmount it.

To unmount the card, go to “Settings -> Storage.” Look for your memory card. Tap on the option or icon that says eject or Unmount. Do note that unmounting the card will not delete your data in the card.

15. Turn Off Move Content to SD Card

If your Android phone offers a native setting for moving data to an SD card, you should try turning it off for WhatsApp.

The steps may differ according to your phone model. Basically, what you need to do is navigate to “Settings -> Storage -> Storage Booster.” Tap on “Move Content to SD Card” and turn off the toggle next to “WhatsApp.” You can also use the search in Settings to look for the “Storage Booster” setting.

16. Enable Save to Camera Roll (iPhone)

On iPhone, even though you will be able to view the downloaded media in WhatsApp, it’s not automatically downloaded to the camera roll. This is not an issue but a feature in WhatsApp. If you want media files to download automatically to your iPhone, in the WhatsApp app, go to “Settings -> Chats.’ Enable the toggle for “Save to Camera Roll.”

Whatsapp Media Save To Camera Roll Iphone

17. Ask for File to Be Resent

If you are getting the “Ask XYZ to resend the file” error while downloading old media files from WhatsApp, that’s what you will need to do. The person could have cleared the chat, leaving you unable to download the files. Request that the sender resend the file.

18. Clear WhatsApp Cache (Android)

Try clearing the cache for WhatsApp on your Android phone. Doing so will not delete your chats or any associated media.

To clear cache on Android, go to “Settings -> Apps -> WhatsApp -> Storage & cache.” Tap on “Clear cache.”

Restart the phone after clearing the cache. Do not tap on “Clear data” (or Clear data), as it will delete your WhatsApp chats.

Whatsapp Clear Cache Android

19. Turn Off Ad Blocker

If you are using adblocker apps on your phone, try turning them off for a while to see if they are conflicting with WhatsApp media.

20. Update WhatsApp

Many times, updating WhatsApp also helps to fix the issue of images and videos not downloading.

Go to the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone) and search for WhatsApp. Tap on the “Update” button if available. Restart the phone. Don’t worry, as updating WhatsApp will not delete your chats.

21. Reinstall WhatsApp

If the issue persists, uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and install it again. However, make sure to back up the data first using the native option. You can back up to Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iPhone. That way you will not lose your chats and files.

22. Rename WhatsApp Folder (Android)

On Android, apart from uninstalling WhatsApp, you should also try renaming the existing WhatsApp folder. This is done so that WhatsApp creates a new folder when you install it again. However, this is a nuclear option so please make sure that you back up your WhatsApp data first. Once that is done, uninstall WhatsApp.

After uninstalling, open any File manager app on your phone and go to “Internal Storage -> Android -> media.” Look for the “com.whatsapp” folder. Touch and hold it to reveal the options. Select “Rename.” Change the name to whatever you wish.

Whatsapp Rename Folder

Then install WhatsApp again and restore your data from back up. If something goes wrong, you will find your old WhatsApp database and files in the renamed folder.

23. Reset Network Settings

You should try resetting the network settings on your Android phone or iPhone. Doing so will delete all the saved networks (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) and connected devices. You will need to add and pair them again. However, it can solve issues like images and videos not downloading on WhatsApp.

To reset the network settings on Android, go to “Settings -> System (General Management) -> Reset. Choose either “Reset Network Settings” or “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.”

Whatsapp Reset Network Settings Androidjpg

On iPhone, go to “Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.”

Whatsapp Reset Network Settings Iphone

24. Reset App Preferences

Similar to resetting network settings, you should try to reset all settings on your phone. Doing so will not delete your personal data. However, all settings on your phone will be reset. So if a setting is responsible for WhatsApp images and videos not downloading, resetting the settings should fix it.

On Android, go to “Settings -> System (General Management) -> Reset.” Choose “Reset app preferences” or “Reset settings.”

Whatsapp Reset Settings Androidjpg

On iPhone, go to “Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.”

Whatsapp Reset Settings Iphone

After trying each fix, I would suggest you restart your phone. Hopefully, you should be able to download images and videos normally from WhatsApp. Once that happens, check out Android apps to enhance the WhatsApp experience.

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